Yarra River

To the original Wurundjeri people, the river was “birrarung” – ‘river of mists and shadows.’ 

The Yarra is a spiritual destination for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. For Heritage Golf and Country Club, the Yarra River is its greatest natural resource. This 242-kilometre lifeline flows from the pristine Great Dividing Range, down to the Yarra Valley and through the Heritage – creating a natural divide between the St John and The Henley. It continues to Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay and supplies 70% of Melbourne’s piped water. It is home to hundreds of different plants and animals, including koalas, lyrebirds, native fish and platypus.

At Heritage, the riverscape is a community and environmental cornerstone. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity of having the Yarra river on our doorstep. At Heritage, you can enjoy its natural beauty and simply go wherever its spectacular twists take you. Enjoy it for exercise, recreation, relaxation, social events or simply, to soak up nature.